Wonder Why

Great little blurb about GraphEdge today, by Scott Kirsner, on Boston.com

One thing Scott wrote really caught my eye.

Over the past week, I’d somehow attracted 123 new followers, but 21 people chose to stop following me. (Why, I wonder? It can’t be for a lack of wit or trenchant 140-character insights.)

That “wonder why” part is the thing I want to address in upcoming releases. Will hopefully be tying growth/decline/churn to tweeting-rates, and perhaps to individual tweets. Would be nice to know what you tweeted just before 40 people dumped you, right?! Even better – what’s the profile of the users who dumped you? Maybe you don’t care that 40 spam-like accounts dropped you because of something you tweeted. Or maybe the dumps are from accounts that are right in the heart of you target audience. Either way, it would be nice to know. Today we show you the names, but we need to profile the group, as well.

This would be a part of a larger effort to make the report data more actionable. It’s great to look at the stats, but we’ll be working hard in coming weeks to tie-in the “why’s” and the “what now’s” that the data inevitably will surface.


One Response to Wonder Why

  1. sam says:

    Another way to address the “why” question might be to allow users to place ‘markers’ or ‘flags’ at specific times. I imagine some sort of button that reads “place marker.” When clicked, a text field would appear allowing you to comment on the marker.

    In use: company launches an ad campaign, adds a marker, makes a note of the start of the campaign. This marker would be visible in all time-based graphs.

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